About Us

Welcome to Hopelodgeutah.org

My name is Gladys Edward, and as the part author and designer of Hopelodgeutah, I was motivated to build this website on bedroom improvement & décor because like so many people who own or plan to make over the bedroom there is always something that we want to improve on or some which requires repair.

From my personal experience I have visited and consulted many local stores in my city. I also checked online and found that there were so many differing opinions out there and was very time consuming on figuring which one to believe competitor A or competitor B? Each one had its advantages and disadvantages.

So the goal for Hopelodgeutah is to provide visitors online with a place to come to and find relevant and quality information, tips, ideas and articles related to bedroom design ideas in one convenient location.

Together, as we learn more and find new tips and ideas on bedroom & décor we will be sharing them with you on this site. Our main purpose is to help others spend less time searching the Internet and provide you, the visitor, with a place to find what you are looking for when you think “bedroom design”.

Thank you for reading our “About Us” page. I and my team want to make this site a place to visit. We look forward to your return visit to read about new tips and articles for your bedroom & décor needs!

Happy Remodelling,

Gladys Edward